Me and Paint: Private Conversations #1578/17

Bold, provocative color best describes Carole Holt's contemporary paintings in acrylics. In her most characteristic abstract works, she lays down areas of color juxtaposed with mysterious darks, transparent veils, and opaque impasto. It is this seemingly effortless layering and weaving of color that produces her unique style.

Carole was born in Houston, Texas. Her father Bill, a noted stained glass artist and her mother Linson, an acclaimed landscape painter, introduced her to the wonders of art at an early age. "I grew up knowing that art would consume my life." After receiving a bachelor's degree from the University of Houston with a dual major in art and science, Carole changed her plan to pursue a degree in medical illustration and instead opted for a career in fashion illustration. She quickly became nationally recognized for her highly detailed illustrations, with clients throughout the United States and Canada. During this time she also served a one-year appointment as Designer-in-Residence at Texas Women's University.

"However", she notes, "It was the frantic pace of the advertising world and my increasing love for painting on canvas that made me reevaluate my goals as an illustrator and gear my efforts toward fine art." For Carole, painting is a never-ending quest to simplify her life. "I'm fascinated by the unpredictability of painting, by the vibrations produced between the colors and by the energy surrounding me. Abstracts are the most challenging...as if painting panoramas of the subconscious."